Work, finally

12 Sep

Dorchester Heights Monument in Boston

My job started last week and things are actually going really well on the work-front. It’s definitely been an adjustment to drag myself out of bed before 7:30am and then spend all day in an office, but it hasn’t been nearly as hard as I thought. I like the work I’m doing and even though I’m positive that the novelty of having a job will wear off soon, it feel amazing to have something interesting to do all day where I interact with other people and get paid.

It’s been challenging to live right in the city, as I am not at all a city person and taking public transit during rush hour involves interacting too closely with too many pushy, inconsiderate, Bostonians. But it really isn’t so bad because there are parks and rivers and as I walk to the subway in the morning I can smell the ocean in the air.

More to come about the job and trying to be a somewhat real grown up. For now, I’m just enjoying being busy, not having homework, and the promise of a paycheck in the near future.


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